The Menu


01. Chicken fingers8,60

02. Fried Potatoes3,95

03. Fried Potatoes with “ali-oli” sauce5,70

04. Fried Potatoes with “Brava” sauce5,70

05. Fried squid7,95

06. Homemade serrano ham croquettes (5 unid.)8,70

07. Fried potatoes with cream cheese and bacon 6,50

08. Serrano ham (100grs.)18,00

09. 1/2 Serrano ham (50 grs.)11,00

10. Chicken wings (300 grs.) with BBQ sauce10,90


11. Mixed complete (mixed + egg, corn, peas and white asparagus)

12. Pasta (pasta, lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese, corn and pink sauce) 10,90

13. Tropical (chicken, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, corn, beets and pink sauce)10,90

15. Serrana (mixed lettuce, tomato, crunchy serranillo, roquefort and walnuts) 11,90

17. Gulas and prawns (various lettuces, salmon, tomato, gulas and prawns) 11,90

18. Caesar salad (assorted lettuces, cream cheese, croutons, chopped grilled chicken, walnuts and raisins)11,90


180. Spaghetti bolognaise10,35

181. tagliatelles carbonara10,35

182. Veggie tagliatelle with ham and 3 cheese sauce10,65

185. Chicken lasagna10,65


20. Single hamburger6,95

21. Hamburger with cheese7,55

22. Hamburger with roquefort7,55

23. Hamburger with bacon and egg8,45

25. Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion and mayonnaise8,45

26. Hamburger with lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion, mayonnaise and egg8,65

27. LA VACA (With lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion, ham, cheese, bacon, egg and mayonnaise)9,75

28. Double Deck (2 hamburgers, cheese and toggle)11,80

30. Hamburger with cheese and bacon8,45

33. Special double deck (2 hamburgers, cheese, bacon, egg, sautéed onion and gherkin)11,90


40. Grilled ham and cheese5,65

41. Grilled ham, cheese and egg5,95

42. Lettuce, tomato, onion, tuna, hard-boiled egg and mayonnaise6,95

43. Cuban (lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, grilled ham, cheese and egg)7,55

47. Double sandwich with chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion, mushroom sauce and cheese9,20

48. Chicken breast, wild mushrooms, cheese, bacon and spicy sauce9,20

Hot Dogs with fries

70. Hot dog (bread and sausage)6,50

71. With onion6,90

72. With cheese and onion6,90

73. With cheese, bacon and onion6,90

Warm Baguettes

80. Potato omelette6,45

81. Grilled ham and cheese6,45

82. Toro (pork loin, cheese, peppers, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion and mayonnaise)7,95

83. Pork loin with cheese or with peppers7,80

84. Pork loin with bacon and cheese7,50

85. Fried Squid7,50

86. chicken breast with cheese or with peppers7,80

87. Lettuce, tomato, onion, hard-boiled egg, tuna and mayonnaise7,00

90. Special baguette (2 hamburgers, ham, cheese, bacon and onion)11,90

94. Chicken breast and lettuce, tomato, sautéed onion7,95

97. Wild mushrooms, bacon, cheese, and green peppers8,15

98. Chicken (chopped chicken breast, chopped lettuce and mayonnaise)7,95

Main Courses

190. Pork fillets, red peppers, egg and chips12,95

191. Entrecot, salad and chips15,95

193. 2 Chicken breasts, red and green peppers, chips and iberian ham croquettes12,95

194. Bacon, 2 eggs, chips and iberian ham croquette11,95

195. Sausage, 2 eggs, chips and iberian ham croquette12,55

197. Chicken wings, salad, chips and iberian ham croquette12,95

199. San Jacobo, egg, chips and iberian ham croquette11,95

200. Battered hake with salad and french fries14,90



140. Cheese cake5,40

141. Chocolate cake4,95

149. Apple pie3,85

151. Caramel ice cream Häagen-Dazs3,85

152. Chocolate ice cream Häagen-Dazs3,85

153. Fruit ice cream Häagen-Dazs3,85

154. Irish coffee6,95

Avenida de la Libertad, 40 20004, Donostia – Sán Sebastián

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